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South Central KY's Top Choice for Load Shifts

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Load Shifts, Cleanups & Transfers Experts of South Central KY

If your cargo has shifted, spilled or you’ve been told it’s too heavy at the scales, we can help. In fact we’ve earned a reputation in South Central Kentucky as the heavy-duty towing company to call for load shifts, cleanups, transfers, and storage.

We have the manpower, expertise and equipment for any job, including:

  • Experienced, Certified Operators
  • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Skidsteers
  • Bobcats
  • U-Line Machine to Rewrap Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Rotators 
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Check Out All of Our Load Shift Services

Perhaps no towing company in Kentucky is better equipped to help you with all your load shift and cargo recovery needs. From our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks with rotator capacity up to 70 tons to forklifts, bobcats, and skid steers. We even have Uline machines to rewrap your pallets.

On top of our full suite of equipment is our ultra-experienced team. They know the exact measures needed to keep your cargo safe, secure and compliable.

  • Load Shift
  • Load Cleanup
  • Load Transfer
  • Load Recovery
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • Hazmat Recovery
  • Hazmat Cleanup
  • Rotator Recovery
  • KDOT Compliance
  • Spilled Load Recovery
  • Trailer Swaps
Kimberly Andersen
Kimberly Andersen
You will not find better customer service in this area, period!. These gentlemen were fast, efficient and got us out of a bind at 11pm at night. Our trailer had sank in the mud and they were there in less time than what he initially told me over the phone. DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSE for towing! STAY AWAY! from any others in the area as they have no clue what they are doing. Thank you so much to Cliff and the awesome gentleman he had with him. We will definitely use you again, hands down.
Emma Baxter
Emma Baxter
Used them through AAA and Cam was so kind and helpful!
Michael Alvear
Michael Alvear
Great customer service. And they do stay in touch with you to let you know when they will arrive or if there's been any delay.
I had just got off a long night shift and just 10 minutes away from home , got a flat. So I called the closes company for help and the guy that came out was awesome and patient especially with the traffic going by, I would definitely recommend this company
Morgan Bush
Morgan Bush
Our driver was prompt, respectful and we thought the truck we rode in was very clean. Thank you for coming to save us!
Jonathan Corbin
Jonathan Corbin
Great people and super fast they are the only people who haul my semi
old guys rule 1611
old guys rule 1611
Fuel pump on truck gave up the ghost I called four towers and then called Cts the lady told me how long and it was on time and L B the driver was polite and very professional will call again when needed thanks again victor

Load Shifts

Did KDOT say your truck is overweight or your cargo isn’t secure?

Do you require a load shift right away? Give us a call. We can help fast.

We have forklifts, skid steers, and pallet jacks to shift your load and distribute your weight correctly over your axles to meet legal standards. If necessary, we can re-wrap your pallets and use a nail gun to secure them to the floor, preventing them from shifting again.


Load Transfers

Is a load shift going to be enough? Are you simply carrying too much weight over your axles? We can do a load transfer and shift part of your cargo onto another trailer or container to get you lawful.

Load Storage

We have 4 locations in South Central Kentucky for convenient load storage if your destination isn’t ready to receive your cargo or you’ve been delayed in some other way.

Our Service Area

Fast Professional Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing, Roadside Assistance and Mobile Truck Repair to Every Highway in South & Central Kentucky

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3 Locations in Southeastern KY for Quick Help with all Your Towing & Roadside Assistance Needs

We have 3 locations conveniently located in Southeastern KY, all with easy access to I-65. This allows us to reach you quickly when you have a vehicle emergency.


101 Porter St, Glasgow, KY 42141

Cave City

128 W Estes Cave City, Ky 42127

Bowling Green

2545 Blue Level Rd Bowling Green, KY 42101

Click to Call Now 270-670-6743