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Professional, On-Time, Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing to Glasgow, Southeastern KY & Beyond

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Flat Tire Change Service in Glasgow, Bowling Green & All South Central Kentucky

Flat tire in the Glasgow Bowling Green Area?

Call now and we’ll dispatch an experienced certified tech to change it, fill it or fix it quickly and completely.

A flat tire can really bring your schedule to a halt. One minute you’re cruising along, getting things done, and the next minute you’re a prisoner to the side of the road. All the people who don’t have flat tires are cruising by you craning their necks to see why you’re sitting there doing nothing. It is never a a good time.

We help vehicle owners out of this situation every day. We respond with urgency and handle your situation professionally and safely.

Semi & Big Truck Mobile Tire Repair Service in South Central Kentucky

If you need repair or replacement service for your semi or big truck, we have the vehicles and equipment to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Each of our service trucks is outfitted with the latest in tire repair and commercial vehicle repair equipment,

The #1 goal of our 24-hour road service is to help businesses and drivers recover work and travel time. We stand by our speedy response times. When you encounter a commercial truck tire emergency, do not hesitate to contact us.

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3 Locations in Southeastern KY for Quick Help with all Your Towing & Roadside Assistance Needs

We have 3 locations conveniently located in Southeastern KY, all with easy access to I-65. This allows us to reach you quickly when you have a vehicle emergency.


101 Porter St, Glasgow, KY 42141

Cave City

128 W Estes Cave City, Ky 42127

Bowling Green

2545 Blue Level Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101

Our Service Area

Chapel Hill, Allen County, Kentucky

Clementsville, Clay County, Tennessee

Union City, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Lamb, Monroe County, Kentucky

Leslie, Cumberland County, Kentucky

Red Hill, Allen County, Kentucky

Yesse, Allen County, Kentucky

Woodsonville, Hart County, Kentucky, 42765

Woodside, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42257

Wisdom, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 54321

Winklers Crossroads, Macon County, Tennessee

Winesap, Hart County, Kentucky

Windyville, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42210

Willow Shade, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42124

Whickerville, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746

Wheelers Mill, Grayson County, Kentucky

West Fork, Allen County, Kentucky

Wax, Grayson County, Kentucky

Weed, Adair County, Kentucky, 42744

Webbs, Green County, Kentucky

Waterview, Cumberland County, Kentucky

Walnut Shade, Macon County, Tennessee, 37150

Walnut Hill, Allen County, Kentucky

Wabash, Hart County, Kentucky

Vento, Hart County, Kentucky, 42784

Uno, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746:42749

Tuckertown, Warren County, Kentucky

Trammel, Allen County, Kentucky

Tracy, Barren County, Kentucky, 42123

Toria, Adair County, Kentucky

Tompkinsville, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42167

Tom Johns Crossing, Hart County, Kentucky

Thurlow, Green County, Kentucky, 42743

Three Springs, Warren County, Kentucky, 42102

Temple Hill, Barren County, Kentucky

Sweeden, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42257

Sunnyside, Warren County, Kentucky

Summer Shade, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42166

Sulphur Lick, Monroe County, Kentucky

Straw, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42259

Stovall, Barren County, Kentucky

Sportsmens Paradise, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42729:42765

Spike, Grayson County, Kentucky

Sparksville, Adair County, Kentucky

Smiths Grove, Warren County, Kentucky

Sloans Crossing, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Slick Rock, Barren County, Kentucky

Seymour, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746:42749

Settle, Allen County, Kentucky

Segal, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42275

Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky, 42164

Savoyard, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42149

Rowletts, Hart County, Kentucky

Roseville, Barren County, Kentucky

Roseburg, Hart County, Kentucky, 42729:42765

Rodemer, Allen County, Kentucky

Rocky Hill, Barren County, Kentucky

Rio, Hart County, Kentucky

Ridgedale, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42207:42285

Riders Mill, Hart County, Kentucky

Rhoda, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Red Cross, Barren County, Kentucky

Randolph, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Raley Ford, Allen County, Kentucky

Railton, Barren County, Kentucky

Pritchardsville, Barren County, Kentucky, 42141

Priceville, Hart County, Kentucky

Powder Mill, Hart County, Kentucky

Port Oliver Ford, Barren County, Kentucky

Pope, Allen County, Kentucky

Pondsville, Warren County, Kentucky, 42171

Ponderosa, Grayson County, Kentucky

Polkville, Warren County, Kentucky, 42159

Plum Springs, Warren County, Kentucky

Plano, Warren County, Kentucky, 42102

Pine Springs, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42729:42765

Pike View, Hart County, Kentucky, 42757

Pig, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Pierce, Green County, Kentucky, 43743

Pickett, Adair County, Kentucky, 42742

Petroleum, Allen County, Kentucky, 42120

Peter Creek, Barren County, Kentucky, 42123

Persimmon, Monroe County, Kentucky

Pearman, Grayson County, Kentucky

Pascal, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746

Park City, Barren County, Kentucky

Park, Barren County, Kentucky

Otia, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42151

Ollie, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42259

Oil City, Barren County, Kentucky

Oakland, Warren County, Kentucky, 42159

Oak Forest, Allen County, Kentucky

Northtown, Hart County, Kentucky

Nolin Lake Estates, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42726

Node, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42214

Nobob, Barren County, Kentucky

Newt, Green County, Kentucky, 43743

Nick, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Nell, Adair County, Kentucky, 42744

Munfordville, Hart County, Kentucky

Mud Lick, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42157

Moutardier, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42207

Mount Zion, Allen County, Kentucky, 42153

Mount Victor, Warren County, Kentucky, 42103

Mount Hermon, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42157

Mount Beulah, Hart County, Kentucky, 42765

Motley, Warren County, Kentucky

Monroe, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746

Milltown, Adair County, Kentucky, 42761

Meshack, Monroe County, Kentucky

Merry Oaks, Barren County, Kentucky

Mell, Green County, Kentucky

Meador, Allen County, Kentucky

Maynard, Allen County, Kentucky

Martinsville, Warren County, Kentucky

Marrowbone, Cumberland County, Kentucky, 42759

Mammoth Cave, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Macon, Hart County, Kentucky

Lucas, Barren County, Kentucky, 42156

Loving, Warren County, Kentucky

Lone Star, Hart County, Kentucky, 42713

Logsdon Valley, Hart County, Kentucky

Lobb, Green County, Kentucky, 42782

Little Barren, Green County, Kentucky

Linwood Park, Grayson County, Kentucky

Linwood, Hart County, Kentucky

Lines Mill, Hart County, Kentucky

Lindseyville, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42285

Liletown, Green County, Kentucky

Leitchfield Crossing, Munfordville, Hart County, Kentucky, 42765

LeGrande, Hart County, Kentucky

Lecta, Barren County, Kentucky, 42142

Kyrock, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42207:42285

Knob Lick, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Kino, Barren County, Kentucky

Kessinger, Hart County, Kentucky, 42765

Kepler, Warren County, Kentucky, 42159

Kemp, Green County, Kentucky, 42761

Keltner, Adair County, Kentucky, 42742

Jeffrey, Monroe County, Kentucky

Iberia, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42726

Hydro, Warren County, Kentucky

Hudgins, Green County, Kentucky

Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky

Holland, Allen County, Kentucky, 42153

Hiseville, Barren County, Kentucky, 42152

Hinesdale, Hart County, Kentucky

Highland Springs, Barren County, Kentucky

High Hickory, Hart County, Kentucky

Hestand, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42515

Hermitage Springs, Clay County, Tennessee

Haywood, Barren County, Kentucky

Hays, Warren County, Kentucky, 42171

Harlan Crossroads, Monroe County, Kentucky

Hardyville, Hart County, Kentucky

Hardcastle, Warren County, Kentucky

Hammonville, Hart County, Kentucky

Halifax, Allen County, Kentucky

Halfway, Barren County, Kentucky, 42152

Gum Tree, Monroe County, Kentucky

Griderville, Barren County, Kentucky

Grider, Cumberland County, Kentucky

Gresham, Green County, Kentucky, 42718:42743

Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky

Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky

Greenhill, Warren County, Kentucky

Gradyville, Adair County, Kentucky, 42720

Grab, Green County, Kentucky, 43743

Gotts, Warren County, Kentucky

Goodnight, Barren County, Kentucky

Goodluck, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Glenmore, Warren County, Kentucky, 42101:42275

Glen Lily, Hart County, Kentucky

Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, 42142

Girkin, Warren County, Kentucky

Gascon, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42129

Gamaliel, Monroe County, Kentucky

Gainesville, Allen County, Kentucky

Gabe, Green County, Kentucky

Fry, Green County, Kentucky

Freetown, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42140

Fountain Run, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42133

Forkton, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42129:42166

Forestville, Hart County, Kentucky

Forest Springs, Allen County, Kentucky, 37186:42120

Flippin, Monroe County, Kentucky

Finney, Barren County, Kentucky

Exie, Green County, Kentucky

Eve, Green County, Kentucky

Etoile, Barren County, Kentucky, 42131

Emberton, Monroe County, Kentucky

Elko, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Eighty Eight, Barren County, Kentucky

Echo, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42154

Edmonton, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42129

Echo, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42154

Dug Hill, Grayson County, Kentucky, 42726

Dubre, Cumberland County, Kentucky, 42731

Dry Fork, Barren County, Kentucky, 42131

Drake, Warren County, Kentucky

Donansburg, Green County, Kentucky

Dogcreek, Hart County, Kentucky, 42729

Delafield, Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, 42101

Defries, Hart County, Kentucky, 42722

Cyclone, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42124

Curtis, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Cub Run, Hart County, Kentucky, 42729:42765

Crailhope, Green County, Kentucky, 42214

Cork, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42129

Coral Hill, Barren County, Kentucky

Cooktown, Barren County, Kentucky, 42131

Cofer, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Coe, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42151

Cloyds Landing, Cumberland County, Kentucky

Claypool, Warren County, Kentucky

Clarks Corner, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 54321

Cherry Crossroads, Clay County, Tennessee

Chaumont, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Chalybeate, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Center, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42214

Cedar Spring, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42163

Cedar Flats, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42129

Cave City, Barren County, Kentucky

Carden, Barren County, Kentucky

Canmer, Hart County, Kentucky

Butlersville, Allen County, Kentucky

Bunnell Crossing, Hart County, Kentucky

Bugtussle, Monroe County, Kentucky

Brownsville, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Broadway, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42207

Broad Ford, Grayson County, Kentucky

Bristow, Warren County, Kentucky

Bristletown, Barren County, Kentucky, 42141

Briarwood Manor, Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, 42103

Breeding, Adair County, Kentucky

Bramlett, Green County, Kentucky

Boyce, Warren County, Kentucky, 42122

Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky

Bonnieville, Hart County, Kentucky, 42713

Bon Ayr, Barren County, Kentucky

Boles, Monroe County, Kentucky

Blythe, Monroe County, Kentucky, 42151

Black Gold, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42258

Big Windy, Hart County, Kentucky, 42729

Berry Store, Barren County, Kentucky

Beechville, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Bee Spring, Edmonson County, Kentucky, 42207

Bee, Hart County, Kentucky, 42729

Beckton, Barren County, Kentucky

Beaumont, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, 42124

Bear Wallow, Hart County, Kentucky, 42746:42749

Austin, Barren County, Kentucky, 42123

Asphalt, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Arthur, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Arat, Cumberland County, Kentucky

Apple Grove, Barren County, Kentucky, 42160

Anna, Warren County, Kentucky, 42101:42275

Amos, Allen County, Kentucky, 42153

Alvaton, Warren County, Kentucky, 42122

Allen Springs, Allen County, Kentucky

Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky

Cave City, Barren County, Kentucky

Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, 42142

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